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Medication Log (Medicine)

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You can control your medication you are taking with Medicine Log!Make a list of your medication, take log and it reminds you the time you take the medication by setting alarm.It is so convenient that you can manage the log with the calendar. Add marks ◯, ☓ or △ on the name of medicine. By doing so, you can see at one view if you did take yourmedication or not. You can also take a note (memo) missed dose or something that you are worried about and save it as a journal.**User Guide**
Initial Screen is the calendar.
1. Setting: You can customize the calendar.2. Mark: You can add marks on the date of the calendar.*You can delete marks by selecting the same mark and then tap twice. 3. Alarm: Set vibration duration, volume and alarm sound.4. Password: Set password.
*From the left button*1. "Today" button: Go back to the today's date.2. "Left" and "Right" button: Move the date right and left.3. "Registration" button: Make a list of your medication. Press "New" then move to the registration screen.4. "List" button: You can see the list of your medication log.
1. Press "Registration" button on the calendar screen → Press "New" → Move to the registration screen.2. Enter the name of the medicine, duration of your medication, when you take it and set the alarm. → Press "Save".3. When you save it, you can confirm that your medicined is added on the list.
1. After you saved the medication on the registration screen, go back to the calendar.2. You can confirm the name of the medicine and when you take them on the lower part of the calendar.3. After you take the medication, tap the name of the medicine.4. Move to the "Did you take your medication?" screen.5. Select "morning", "noon" or "night" from the drop-down list and then tap one of the buttons ◯, ☓, and △. →Press "Save".6. ◯ = you took the medication, ☓ = you forgot to take and △ = you took it late.7. You can take a note (memo).
Support Android Wear Vibration